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Facility Capital Action Plan (FCAP)

While we realize that planning for instructional space and campus master planning is the realm of professional architects and engineers, there are many capital needs associated with campus operation that are rarely seen or even thought about. Aging climate control systems, hot spots in old electrical panels, and other hidden conditions can compromise efficiency and safety.

While these kinds of items don't always generate "wow" factor, they are a necessary part of assuring the maximum life and efficiency of your assets.

Because AFS is skilled in the actual operation of buildings, grounds and systems, we are fully capable and experienced at adding a dimension to capital planning that consider the actual operation and total cost of ownership.

An assessment of these types of needs creates a rolling 5-year plan that, when coupled with instructional and other campus capital needs, provides a complete financial and project management picture, allowing administration the benefit of a "total needs" approach.

When constituents and donors understand that underlying condition assessment is a necessary part of capital planning, they are often much more open to the idea of spending money on the things that cannot be seen, but that still need consideration and funding in order to ensure the best possible environment for learning.

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