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Energy Management

Monitoring and controlling energy consumption is a significant practice that can have a major impact on your learning environment and bottom line. Our comprehensive energy management program makes all necessary operational adjustments to maximize efficiency in heating, cooling and electrical usage.

Conservation begins with an evaluation of current and historical consumption. At the outset of our program, we perform a facility-wide energy audit that identifies consumption patterns. We review utility invoices to verify usage and accuracy of charges, chart seasonal fluctuations and become familiar with rates, penalties and off-hour  discounts. To ensure accuracy of our data, we develop a two-year historical profile, which then serves as the “base year” to which future utility consumption is compared.


AFS focuses on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure that automatic controls are in working order, properly programmed, calibrated, and operating as intended.

Temperature Control

We monitor and make adjustments to control settings, including setback for night or unoccupied periods, as building equipment allows.

Air Exhaust Systems

We manage the operating times of air exhaust systems to minimize potential waste caused by the unnecessary removal of already conditioned air.


Chillers, cooling towers and pumps often operate when outside air can satisfy interior needs. As building equipment allows, we make appropriate changes to HVAC systems and operating procedures.

Mechanical Equipment

As part of our corrective maintenance program, we address the condition of all equipment and make necessary repairs. Our initial focus is on high-energy demand electro/mechanical equipment.

Lighting Control

Lighting often represents an opportunity for cost savings. We manage the facilities lighting to eliminate waste and increase efficiency, including conversion to energy efficient lamps and ballasts or installing motion sensors and  photocells to control lighting.


AFS will work with you to design, oversee and accomplish energy related capital projects and retrofits, assuring that an understanding of environmental impact, operating cost, return on investment, payback periods and guarantees are part of the process.

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