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Supply and Inventory Services

Whether it is simply creating a better storage space for your physical plant operations or managing the inventory control process for the entire campus...

We employ world class processes, industry best practices and proven metrics to keep your supply and material processes flowing smoothly and with maximum efficiency.

What this means to you is:

  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved workflow
  • Better inventory turn
  • Reduced operating and inventory cost
  • Drop in the need for overtime.

Additionally, we are often able to partner with our suppliers for:
  • Just-in-time inventory of routinely used parts and supplies:

  • Reduction of cash outlay and excess inventory on your balance sheet

  • Elimination of the need to tie up valuable real estate for storage purposes.

Transportation Services

Whether moving people or moving materials, you will benefit from our focus on safety, quality service, comfort and efficiency.

For our university, college and independent school clients:

  • Planning, routing and scheduling
  • Student transportation services
  • Fleet maintenance management

For all our clients:

  • Movement of facilities management goods and supplies
  • Movement/delivery of general campus goods and supplies
  • Mail room and receiving services

Event Services

Schools, colleges and universities always have many simultaneous activities in progress. In addition to special  events, there are the everyday meetings, moves and setups. AFS will manage these, either as an adjunct to other services, or separately, depending on volume and your specific needs.

  • Meeting and conference setups
  • Office or department moves
  • Convocations, graduations and special events
  • Complete stadium or venue management
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