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Sports Field Management

Sports are an integral part of school life.

AFS is fully capable of designing and operating a sports field management program that will honor the quality and tradition of your organization.

Special Consideration

Outdoor turf athletic fields, whether used for football, soccer, baseball, softball, golf or lacrosse, require very specific upgrades to a routine grounds and landscape program:

  • Increased frequency of turf maintenance
  • Care of infield skin areas
  • Care of track and field areas
  • Specialized equipment
  • Specialized personnel training
  • Proper crowning and drainage
  • Proper routine maintenance of artificial turf
  • Additional aeration, top dressing, fertilization and over seeding
  • Special attention to immediate removal of weeds and pests


Safety of athletes on the fields is the prime directive in sports turf management.

  • Sound adherence of all natural turf to underlying soil
  • Manufacturer specific care of artificial turf
  • Immediate repair of holes or voids
  • Mowing that is even and assures the appropriate grass height
  • Care and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Removal of obstructions in the turf
  • Upkeep of padding and barriers

Source of Pride

Game fields, in particular, are an extension of the soul and spirit of the school. Game fields, surrounding areas, approaches, drives, walkways and support structures are maintained at a level that generates pride in the athletes, student body and supporters of the school.

Practice vs. Game Fields

While practice fields may not receive the same "sprucing up" as game fields, it is every bit as important that all matters related to safety are given just as much attention on both. Game fields receive the top level of landscape maintenance on any campus.

Any Needed Level of Event Preparation

AFS is able to provide any required level of service to the athletic departments of our clients.

  • Limited role in the maintenance of practice and intramural fields only
  • Full responsibility for all field, track and turf care
  • Complete game day field or course preparation
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