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Management Development

An old myth in facilities management is that a good tech will probably also be a good manager. Not always. Management and technical skills are very different, and we are committed to ensure that all managers are fully trained to lead teams effectively, not just move into new positions.

Building the Best Managers

AFS leadership has an uncompromising dedication to training and development. All managers complete a rigorous hands-on training and mentoring program, based on years of actual field experience, so that they are fully prepared to lead their teams effectively.


Our “Foundations” program is exactly what it sounds like: a solid base for excellent service.

  • Human resources: Comprehensive, issue-based subjects and case studies
  • Labor relations: Labor law, personnel management, and grievance procedures
  • Programs: Specific processes and documentation requirements
  • Standard Operating Procedures: Overview and familiarization with requirements
  • Technology: Classroom and hands-on work with computerized maintenance and quality assurance programs
  • Customized training: Individual education plans to strengthen specific skills
  • Periodic reinforcement: Bi-annual seminars that build on individual performance

Building on the “Foundations,” we enhance situational and critical thinking skills:

  • Careers for Life
  • Litigation Avoidance
  • Writing Advantage
  • Managing Inclusion
  • Behavioral Interviewing

Customer Relations

A positive customer relationship includes knowing what is needed for continuous improvement. We teach our managers to listen for a unique understanding of how their clients define value.

Client Culture

No matter good a manager is, the manager must be a fit to the culture of the client he or she is to serve. Our clients are always involved in helping us determine the best person for the position.

Certified Trainers

The AFS certified trainer program is one of the keys to our success at building the best managers. Each new manager is paired with a seasoned and successful AFS manager who provides hands-on real-world training. The certified trainer also serves as a post-training mentor.

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