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Policies and Procedures

These and other client and AFS policies and procedures are used to guide operations. 
  • Department Policies Manual 
  • Department Procedures Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Training Policy, Logs and Records

Standard Operating Procedure Manuals and Logs

AFS uses these to ensure compliance with best practice, as well as local, federal, and state regulations.

  • Utility Management Manual
  • Filter Log
  • Manufacturers’ Index
  • Life Safety Management Manual
  • Interim Life Safety (ILS) Logbook
  • Utility Logbook
  • Blueprint Index
  • Vendor Control Log
  • Life Safety Log
  • Hazardous Communication Materials
  • Safety Manual

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

AFS emergency action plans are customized to your campus. We work with campus safety and local authorities to become a reliable, trained and prepared source of manpower, material and expertise to ensure campus readiness.

  • Emergency Procedures Manual
  • Disaster Preparedness Manual
  • Utility Locations and Shutoff Procedures
  • Participation in Simulations and Drills
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