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Additional Capabilities

All our additional services are in some way tied to the operation of the physical plant and core services:

  • Security services can take the form of advice, assessments or monitoring - to fully certified and trained unarmed security personnel.
  • Energy management cares for all energy systems, controls, and oversees projects or initiatives related to energy use and reduction.
  • Logistics management involves the movement, inventory and storage of goods, and transportation of people.
  • Construction management handles anything from small renovations to entire building complexes.
  • Facility Capital Action Planning ensures the integrity of both the seen and unseen components of your infrastructure.

Sports Field Management

Athletic departments often prefer to manage their own fields because they don't trust anyone else to care for them as required. As with our general grounds and landscape program, you can trust AFS to keep your fields in top shape: safe, attractive, practice and game ready.

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