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Custodial Services

The Advanced Facilities Services, Inc. program for custodial services uses proven and effective techniques to ensure that your students, staff and visitors are comfortable in surroundings that are well maintained at all times.

Clean and Safe

The governing mandate of the AFS cleaning program:

  • Clean for health first.
  • Then for appearance.
  • Ensure both.

Preventive Care

These actions are intended to keep surfaces from becoming overly soiled, or from harboring germs, and may include dust mopping and mopping or wet cleaning floors, spray buffing or burnishing, vacuuming, sanitizing surfaces and disinfecting fixtures.

Corrective Care

As the name implies, these actions correct something. The best examples include scrubbing and recoating a hard surface floor with finish, shampooing or light extraction of a carpet, or scrubbing a ceramic tile surface.

Restorative Care

These actions restore a surface to its intended condition, just as or just before appearance has begun to show visible signs of deterioration. Tasks would include completely stripping and refinishing a floor, thoroughly extracting a carpet to remove ground-in soils, power washing a sidewalk or washing exterior windows.

Routine Care

Routine tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and removing trash are done on a daily basis. Some specific tasks like restroom cleaning may even be performed multiple times each day, depending on traffic and care standard.

Periodic Care

Some tasks are done on a relatively routine basis, not daily - but perhaps bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly - such as burnishing hard surface floors or high dusting.

Project Care

These tasks are done as needed or have long periods between scheduled intervals, and include such processes as refinishing floors, extracting carpets or cleaning light fixtures or vents.

Green Certified Cleaning Products

Whenever possible (and it is most of the time), we use certified GREEN products and processes. More effective. More people- and environment-friendly.

Other Tasks

Custodial staff members are often responsible for a number of other tasks not directly related to cleaning. These decisions are made on a case by case basis with our clients.

  • Room setups and moves
  • Changing light bulbs within easy reach
  • Collection of recycled items
  • Mail or delivery services
  • Minor repairs like replacing a broken light switch.
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