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"I have worked with the leadership of this company for years. I never feel that I am lost in the crowd or the size.

I am valued and appreciated. I can do the right things to serve my clients and customers without reservation.”

                                                                                  - AFS Employee

No matter the product or service, people make any successful organization successful.

Whether we manage your staff or employ them, they will always be highly valued and treated with dignity and respect.

They will be continuously trained, fairly compensated and encouraged to develop personally and professionally.


Every client, customer, visitor, manager and employee is a whole and valuable person, to be treated as such.


All employees are continually trained according to client needs, current responsibilities and goals.


Compensation always includes fair market salaries or wages, available benefits, and work/life balance.


Anyone in our organization or yours who wants to grow and take on more responsibility is encouraged. 

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