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One Team. Trained to Serve.

In order to be effective, training must have each of these elements: It must make sense. It must be on-going. It must be career long.

As career facilities management professionals ourselves, we train all employees for careers. Well trained and developed staff will serve you better.

  • Management Development provides the skills and knowledge required to effectively lead others and manage the assets of our clients.
  • General Training may be initial or periodic, and covers universal topics, like Right to Know, safety and customer relations.
  • Skill Training by Service Type ensures that each employee in each position in each service area is able to perform each job effectively.

Some clients employ all staff, and we manage. Some clients have asked us to employ staff. Either way, we are One Team. Trained to Serve.

Industry Leading

All AFS and client facilities management employees are trained, evaluated, and retrained using the best information available in the industry. We employ a variety of widely available methods, including classroom seminars, videos, online formats, and presentations by experts and mentors. We are then able to easily adapt that information to our specific client and team needs.

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